House for sale in Korčula-Lumbarda

  • For Sale
  • Vrsta Obiteljska kuća
  • Površina 410 m2
  • ID K004
500.000€ / e

Property Information

  • Type: HOUSE / VILLA
  • Vrsta : Obiteljska kuća
  • Površina : 410 m2
  • ID : K004

Property Description

House for sale in Korčula-Lumbarda

Lumbarda is a small village and a municipality located on the Eastern tip of the Island of Korčula in Croatia, 7 kilometers away from the town of Korčula.
A road passing through a picturesque area of pine woods and olive groves connects these two places.

Lumbarda is a tourist centre,

many of inhabitants are active in the local tourist service (private accommodation, tourist excursion to islands Mljet and Lastovo and around islands of Korčula archipelago, scuba diving exursions etc.) but they are also wine-growers, fishermen and stone-dressers.
Lumbarda is surrounded by sandy vineyards and sandy beaches such as Vela Pržina, Bilin Žal and Tatinja.
Lumbarda has a rich history preserved in written documents dating back to more than two thousand years ago.

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Info : Obiteljska kuća

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